Christian-Owned Companies

Regardless of what your business manufactures or what services it provides, Firm Foundations has the experience and the customized processes for measuring current performance, planning in an uncertain environment and preparing your management and staff for sustainable, performance excellence. We have helped large and small organizations achieve and sustain the highest levels of performance in the areas of:
  • Customer satisfaction, engagement and loyalty
  • Product and service outcomes and process efficiency
  • Workforce satisfaction and engagement
  • Revenue and market share expansion
  • Social responsibility

Corporate Coaching

People are the key to success in business today. Corporate Coaching takes into consideration the vision, mission, values and goals of the organization while aligning with the personal goals of the employee. Corporate Coaching provides a process that removes barriers to increased accountability and individual contribution to the success of the organization.

Advisory Services

Firm Foundations believes in being partners with our corporate clients. We’ll work with you to create and implement strategic and operational elements contributing to organizational excellence, including:

  • Leadership
  • Strategic planning
  • Customer focus
  • Measurement & analysis
  • Workforce engagement & environment
  • Process & quality management

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Strategy Development

Does your business strategy support your vision? Have you defined what organizational success means to you, what you want to have accomplished in ten years, what you need to do this year to move towards your ten year goal?

We can help you improve your organization’s direction and goals by:

  • Performing surveys and assessments of your current situation
  • Developing Vision, Mission, Core Value statements
  • Facilitating strategic thinking and business planning sessions or retreats
  • Coaching goal setting skill development
  • Leading ongoing goal review meetings
  • Guiding quality management system development

People Development

Excellent organizations are led by excellent leaders

Your employees are the face of your organization and you want the best of the best. Effective leaders who are focused on both short and long term goals produce loyal internal customers (your employees) who in turn work diligently and effectively to meet the external (paying) customer needs.

We can help you maximize and motivate your people potential by:

  • Performing assessments of your organization's culture
  • Coaching self, team and executive leadership attitudes and skills
  • Improving your sales process
  • Developing strong management practices
  • Developing customer loyalty behaviors

Operations Improvement

Achieving performance excellence is an attitude that must be woven into an organization's culture and its way of thinking, from the CEO/owner to the newest employee.

We can help you improve your operations by:

  • Building or improving your quality management system
  • Performing process audits to identify areas for improvement
  • Reducing process cycle times
  • Implementing a lean manufacturing culture