Christian Organizations

Are you struggling to develop strong effective leadership in your Church?
Have you tried setting goals for growing your congregation, with limited success?
Are you trying to attract young families to ensure that the next generation is “in the fold”?
Our Creative Seeding ministry can help.

Bill Hybels, pastor of the Willow Creek Church, says in his book, Building a Contagious Church, “the local church is the hope of the world.”

Jack Frost couldn’t agree more and made this a mantra when deciding to form the Creative Seeding ministry as a division of Firm Foundations.

The morning that Jack finally gave in to a friend’s bible study invitation was June 26, 1986, a day on which he made a conscious decision to make Christ the center of his life. It was the day that the angels in heaven sang for him (Luke 15:10) and now he wants to share that joy with others.


Our Objective and Strategy

The Creative Seeding ministry serves as a change agent for local congregations by:

  • Assessing a congregations’ desire and readiness to grow and reach the unchurched in their geographic areas
  • Identifying Christ-centered, time-tested programs and tools that effectively develop “new” seed sowers
  • Offering alternative ways, including the latest technologies, to help a congregation grow
  • Facilitating those programs until new seed sowers are ready to go out and prepare plans for on-going growth and harvesting

Planning for a Healthy Church

Creative Seeding only utilizes counselors and programs that are proven to be Christ-centered and effective in local church settings. Through individualized training and coaching we’ll help move you towards healthy church growth.

Creative Seeding counselors are ready to join with you and your congregation to explore, select, plan and implement creative ways to sow and plant God's seed in your congregation and to thus prepare workers to go into His harvest field. Contact us today.